#11 Frogging Mohair

Haruni’s designer is Emily Ross. I can’t find a link to her website, but I did want to say that she is incredibly patient and nice, and does beautiful work.  However, frogging mohair is still a royal pain, no matter how pretty the pattern.

So I just had to play you “The Frog Song” by BFF, and just as I was editing it into the podcast, my daughter took me outside to see a frog who chose to pay us a visit.  How’s that for synchronicity!

I finally got to play the promo for The Knitting Pipeline, which is overdue.

I also put in an overdue plug for Podiobooks.  (No, really, I must have recorded at least three segments talking about them which just never got aired).

I respond to a question from Rick Riley of The KnitWits Podcast about my inconsistent sound quality.

Finally I ramble on about the email encryption program PGP, and about the status of my temp work.

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#10 – A Really Long Day

I talk a little bit about volunteering at the horse farm, play “My Old Horse” by Blue Matters a.k.a. Sandro Hinden.  By the way, it’s Day’s End Farm Horse Rescue, not Day’s End Horse Farm Rescue, as I keep misstating it during the Ambles.

Then about being an election judge in the Maryland primary election this week.

This episode’s podcast plug is for  The Knit Wits.  They have only got three episodes up, but they probably have more listeners than I do.  Listen for a few minutes and you’ll see why…  Carin also has a great knitting blog, the Knitted Garden.

I wind up by complaining about the anti gamer slant of the Happiness Patrol Podcast, which leads into a pretty geeky ramble about the old Dr. Who Role Playing Game by FASA.

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#9 – Labor Day

Our Labor Day Celebrations included much geekery, including playing “Unspeakable Words“,  discussion of Joyce’s Alpaca Ranch, and a possible Alpaca Festival this November.

In celebration of the next episode of the Secret Frequency being out, I play “I Find a Frequency” by the Jeremy Rowe Band.

Podcast Plug The Happiness Patrol.  Dale is the Happiness Patrol’s of Simon’s Cowell (glossed on the name while recording)

I’ve cast on On Your Toes Sock – but I used Judy Becker’s Magic Cast On and I’m knitting two at once on two needles, using brand new Addis.

I finish up by rambling on about ethnic grocery stores

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#8 – Back to School

A much shorter podcast this time, about fifteen minutes altogether.  Rambling on about changes in my life – about the first four minutes.

The song for this episode is Yarn by Cyrusfx.  Which is followed by more in my Haruni saga, including a discussion about lifelines as in how to get the yarn back off the lifeline and onto your needle if it is not well behaved.  I also plug  The Knitted Pipeline podcast. The yarn from the giveaway is a skein of “moody” blue lace weight from  Old Maiden Aunt.

A volunteer opportunity for younger teens, right here in the Baltimore Washington Corridor, the Days End Farm Horse Rescue is certainly worth checking out.  Will let you know how the experience actually goes in future episodes.

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#7 – Oh! Another Butterfly!

The first song today is Holly Ann by Wren Ross. I’ve heard her knitting songs on various podcasts for years, but didn’t realize she’s got a larger range of things out there.  Check out her CD.

If you’re not familiar with Goodreads you’re really missing out. I was very lucky to get a free, pre release copy of The Other Wes Moore, and you may well find something equally awesome.

Maryland requires Voter Verifiable Paper Records (pdf from MD state) but it’s just not been happening.

I talk a little bit about my thinking on exercise, weight loss, and why I’m overweight.  The weight loss method I mention is “7 Secrets of Slim People“, I’ve had some success with that, but no promises there.

I end with “The Weight” by Animate Objects.

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#6 – That Didn’t Work, Let’s Try Something Else

Although I got my walks in this week, I was off track in a number of other ways.  I had to face the fact that DD#1 is touring college campuses (starting off with the University of Delaware), which made me think about how much she’s growing up.  The Baltimore Perspectives Meet Up, which DH and I had been enjoying tremendously, came to a sudden, unexplained close. On my Wednesday walk I narrowly missed a traffic accident, and decided to take a mall walk instead.  On Friday I ran into a gentleman with a rescue dog and a very sad story.  Thanks to him and the Pit Bull Rescue society, it wasn’t sadder.

Still, the podcast is working as a motivator, and listening to the CogKNITive podcast gives me hope that other people might find it works as a podcast.  Sorta?  Kinda?  Maybe?  I gave up on the comparison and segued into the song “On a Podcast” by Cruisebox (this might or might not be their real website.)

I talk briefly on the experience of trying to record the walks from inside a shopping mall, and decide to invest in an Umbrella Hat to keep my microphone dry.

Finally, I discuss Echo Bazaar, a Twitter linked web game, in a transparent attempt to introduce “Echo” by Jason Poe (D loves him, go check out his teen approved brand new album.)

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What the hay…

May as well add the podcast to directory sites, right?

On 16 August, I’m registering “ My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-90fff4fda9dbb2600775868b6b0824bf}”

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#5 – Folding, Knitting and Geeking…

Featured song is “Oxidative Phosphorylation” by Science Groove, which introduced my ramble on the Fold it App, which I heard of through the Science Podcast.

This episodes question comes from Thea (of That Yarn Store and Fibrous), and led to a ramble about a Fibonacci striped bag I’m knitting.

Ended up with another (very brief) allusion to the Delta Green game, this run with alligators!

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#4 – Crafting, Critters and Cthulhu

I recorded three walks this week, but only took audio from two.  It took ten minutes to the second overpass each time, and maybe just a tad over 15 minutes before I started really huffing.

I ramble on about the beautiful Hoarfrost Moebius from Interweave Knits Fall 2010 for a bit before giving highlights of the wildlife of this weeks walks.  Which then segues into a discussion of my own cats, with a slight digression into cat genetics, and why I think that Captain might be part Dragon Li.

I finish with a segment on everyone’s favorite elder god, with “Cthulhu Fthagan” from Tom Smith, Neil Gaiman’s Cthulhu Fanfiction, and a little ramble about my plushie Cthulhu, pattern by Jenni Love, which might try to devour the world…

Cthulhu on the keyboard

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#3 – Walker Friendly Cities

the Ramblin Ambler PodcastAll three walks this week, each took 10 minutes (give or take 30 seconds) to the overpass, huffing and puffing by 15 minutes.

Ken Kurland inspired my question about the friendliness of cities to walking.  I really haven’t travelled enough to know which cities are walker friendly and which aren’t (though East Coast cities seem pretty friendly).  I’d love to hear what other people think about this, so please do leave comments.

This week’s song is “Roll the Dice” by Gold Box Kingdom with Amy B.  Can’t find their ‘official’ page, but there’s one on MySpace to check out…

Yes, I do actually log the RPGs I play in.   For those who care to indulge, the run was Scalpel! the game system Delta Green.

I dropped the podcast plug segment this time aroound.  If it’s something you were looking forward to, let me know and I’ll be sure to get to it next time.  It was going to be Nature and Science each summarize the scientific papers published in their weekly issues.  Peer reviewed goodness!

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